The Old Angel is one of Nottingham’s most loved, legendary establishments. Since first opening it’s rustic doors back in the 1700’s, the venue has seen it’s fair share of rowdy gatherin’s and shady happenin’s. This ‘proper pub’ with its charming interior has long been a cherished meeting point for outlaws and odd fellows. If only walls could talk they say…
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The Angel is a grade II listed landmark. It is located on the original route connecting London and York, so many a traveller has stopped by for a tipple, or two, on their way through. From ladies of the night to famous Highway Men, the pub has served the underbelly well. In the early days, a Chapel was even installed upstairs to offer salvation to the local Nottingham folk.
This convenient space (The Chapel) above this much loved boozer often attracted many a mysterious group, including The Order of The Druids and The Order of The Buffalos. There was just something about its unpolished atmosphere that enticed free-thinkers and rebels.
Over the years The Old Angel has witnessed deaths, arrests, secret societies, prostitutes and ghosts. Not to mention its rich musical history spanning back some 150 years now. In the 1980’s, The Chapel became renowned for its rowdy rock-and-roll gigs and has since hosted some of the most famous bands to date, including Oasis, the Arctic Monkeys and our local lads, the Sleaford Mods.
The Old Angel before its renovations in 2016
In 2016, Nottingham locals were devastated to hear that this notorious watering hole was closing down. The Angel Pub is a cornerstone of musical history, culture and camaraderie amongst locals and music enthusiasts – and it’s presence on the corner of Stoney Street needed preserving.

After eighteen years of running the one and only Alley Cafe Bar, Nottingham’s first fully-vegetarian hangout, Ben Rose jumped ship on a mission to bring the Old Angel back to life.
Following it’s full revamp in 2016, The Angel, now known as The Angel Microbrewery, has a fresh look and feel with its striking exposed brickwork and signature blue shades. With live music, DJs, gigs and events still in full swing, the musical legacy and lively spirit of the pub lives on. Check out our website to get the low down on whats crackin’ over the next month.
The refurbished Angel Microbrewery, in all her glory.
The Angel’s fresh, modern vibe is not restricted to it’s latest paint job, but is also present in the ales and food being served daily. You may have guessed from the name, but the Angel is now home to it’s own Microbrewery – meaning that a selection of the ales that you can sample at the bar are bubbled and brewed on site. We have a vast range of beers, ales, ciders and wines, all of them organic and many of them vegan-friendly.
Our fridges are stocked with a number of high quality bottles of craft beer and the like, while the taps play host to a number of local ales. These are ever-changing, but we strive to offer vast variety of breweries and beer types, previously featured Nottingham’s Black Iris Brewery and the award-winning Welsh brewery Tiny Rebel. You can’t get more local than that!
Keeping with the local theme, all of our tasty food is made using locally sourced, fresh, organic ingredients. With the Alley Cafe paving the way for innovative vegan and vegetarian cuisine, theres no better place to enjoy some proper plant-based pub grub whilst you wet your whistle! If veggie food isn’t your bag, don’t worry – we also have a delicious carnivorous menu available offering up traditional pub classics with a modern twist.


  • Food Served
  • Beer Garden
  • Wifi
  • Live Music

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