A warm welcoming city center pub. Plenty of water bowls, treats and even dog bags for all.
Water bowls by the door, so even passing dogs can drink.

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  • Scott Richardson
    19 September 2018 at 10:49am

    I came back from an extended trip in Australia (was there for 23 months won’t tell you why) and came straight here.

    Well let me tell you the pints taste like freedom for next year.

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  • Matthew O'Brien
    19 September 2018 at 10:27am

    Six barrels is a fantastic place really perfect for dogs. Really good for humans too, now that I mention it. But also great for dogs (and humans)

    The beers are flowing, the water bowls are filling, doggy treats galore: what a fantastic place for dogs (and humans still)

    I actually took the liberty to write a short poem about the place and how great it is for dogs (and humans)

    Oh six barrel draft house, in Nottingham
    I must admit, I am a big fan
    I go there with my dog on a lead
    “Take me to the water and treats” does my dog plead
    Okay mr scruffy I say, with his wagging tail
    I take him to the watering station for dogs, smooth as sails
    I then go for the bar which is made for humans
    I order a burger, covered in cumin
    I enjoy my pint whilst scruffy has his water
    Oops back to the bar, I forgot a drink for my daughter
    She’s only 8, so she will have a fizzy drink and go wild
    Because this pub is great for dogs, humans and child

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  • Heather
    7 September 2018 at 4:52pm

    Love Six Barrels and so does our pooch. Lovely to have a city centre dog-friendly place. Great beers, lovely staff and our pooch is treated as well as any customer, with water, dog treats and a fuss from the staff.

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