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How To Update Your Pub Listing

How To Update Your Pub Listing

Want to help more customers find your dog-friendly boozer year-round? Updating your Dog-Friendly Pubs listing can help. Don’t worry if you don’t know how – we’re here to help with 9 easy to follow steps. Read on for help with updating your pub listing’s description, address, opening hours, and featured photos!

1. Log in

You can find the login form here.

2. Find your listing editor

  • Click ‘Listings’ on the dashboard to the left.
  • Click on your pub’s name to edit your listing.

3. Update your pub’s description in the centre text box

Customers and voters alike will be reading this description, so put in as much detail about your pub as you can to attract those votes and visits! Talking about the features of your dog-friendly pub and how you go the extra mile to make furry friends feel welcome will surely draw more attention to your listing, so write as much as you like!

4. List your hours of operation

Customers and their furry friends need to know when they can visit you, whether it’s after their morning walk or for a before-bedtime pint!

5. Fill in your pub’s address

  • In the ‘Listing location’ box, type in your pub’s full address and click on the matching option in the drop down menu that appears.
  • In the ‘Listing data’ box, type in your pub’s postcode in the first field on the left.
  • Doing these will help customers and voters easily find you – they can’t pay you a visit if they don’t know where you are!

6. Add images to your listing as a Listing Gallery or a Featured Image

You can find these two widgets back at the top of the page, on the right.

7. Add a Featured Image (a header image for your listing)

This image will be one of the first things people see on your listing, so make sure your image is as high-quality as possible before uploading! Having a featured image also helps your regulars ensure they’re voting for the right pub, and lets new customers identify you easier when they’re making their first visit! If you need some help choosing or creating a featured image, check out our photography guide!

  • Click on ‘Set featured image’.
  • Click on ‘Select Files’ to upload an image.
  • When that’s uploaded, click ‘Set featured image’ in the bottom right.

8. Add a Listing Gallery (an album of pictures of your pub)

The more the merrier, as they say – it certainly won’t hurt to show off your beautiful boozer and its dog-friendly features in as many ways as possible, to draw in voters and new customers!

  • Click on ‘Manage gallery images’ to start adding to your gallery.
  • Upload as many pictures as you like using the ‘Select Files’ button.
  • You can reorder images by dragging and dropping them behind or in front of each other.
  • You can also customise the way your gallery will look with the tools on the right hand side.
  • When you’re done, click the ‘Update Gallery’ button on the bottom right, and you’re all done!

9. Check your changes by clicking ‘Preview Changes’

Alternatively, if you feel that your listing’s all ready to go, just click ‘Update’, right below it. And that’s that, you’re good to go!

Now all that’s left is to promote your listing to friends and family, and on social media! Good luck in the upcoming Awards!

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